Personal Training Studios Vs In-Home Personal Training – Why In-Home Training is Your Best Bet

The difficult decision to start a personal training business in this economy is often met with an equally difficult decision about whether to open up a studio or to provide in-home personal training services. By reading this article, you will learn why in-home personal training is a better business choice than opening up a personal training studio during good and tough economic times. You’ll also be able to recognize the economic ramifications of opening a personal training studio vs. starting an in-home personal training business. You’ll discover why in-home personal training can be more lucrative than owning and operating a studio. Lastly, you’ll understand why personal training studios can be more time and energy intensive than owning and operating an in-home training business.Why is in-home training a better business choice for personal trainers right now?If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately about our current economic conditions, it will start to become clear that banks are not doing very well right now. If banks are not doing well, then they are not going to be very willing to loan money to new business owners for the purpose of opening up studios. Not that this particular venture is any different than any other new business proposal, but it does seem that banks are being very careful with how they will spend their money these days. In addition, fitness and recreational facilities of all types are experiencing major financial problems. Many are choosing to cut non-essential services and staff while some are finding it necessary to close their doors forever. It just seems that the timing is right for those who want to be personal trainers but who don’t want the headaches of all of the overhead, time, and energy expense that comes with owning and operating your own facility. If business happens to be slow, the in-home personal trainer does not have the added pressure and anxiety of wondering how they will pay their mortgage each month, or how they will keep the electric bills paid.You must know what you’re getting yourself into when you commit to opening up a personal training studio.Owning and operating your own personal training studio, though on the surface seems very attractive, will bring many challenges that new or inexperienced trainers will not see coming. Even those who understand what they’re getting themselves into when they start a business of this type, often find themselves getting distracted by facility maintenance, and other logistical tasks to have any real fun doing what they really want to do…which is train clients. Juggling facility management and client services can become difficult. This is something that you need to be keenly aware of everything you’re going to be required to do before you jump into the pool, not after you make your big splash…because there will be no going back at this point. It’ll be time to sink or swim.Why In-home personal training is ultimately more lucrative than owning and operating your own studioIn-home training does not carry with it the huge up-front costs that come with starting a studio. Your initial investment will most likely be less than $1,000, and you will most likely recoup that investment in your first 3 – 6 months in business, if you’re just starting out. If you already have an existing client base, it could be sooner. In addition, there will be low operating costs and all of the money you make training clients will not need to be rolled back into the budget to pay off existing debt or to help pay for facility maintenance or other amenities afforded to your clients. Your training packages will be worth as much or more, since you will be providing in-home services to your clients (which is very convenient) and you can and should charge more for this benefit. When you do the math, you will generally end up making more income this way, and putting more of this income into your pockets.Your time, money, and energy investment will be much lower with in-home personal training than when you run your own studio.There really is no comparison when you compare the “costs” associated with running your own personal training studio, and those associated with providing in-home personal training. As an in-home personal trainer, you will not be tied to a schedule, you will not have to worry about plumbing and electrical issues, and you will not have to worry about paying the monthly mortgage on that beautiful new facility you just opened up. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  When deciding, make sure you consider everything in this article, and determine what you’re willing to commit to as a personal trainer. Some trainers don’t mind the significant time and money investment that will be spent getting their studio up and running, and don’t mind expending the effort to maintain it. Some do. Which one are you? You’ll be a much more knowledgeable trainer than most in your position and you’ll know why owning and operating an in-home training business is more lucrative than running a studio. You’ll also know why it will be very difficult to succeed in the fitness industry if you’re attempting to open up a personal training studio during these uncertain economic conditions. When you learn how to start an in-home personal training business, you’re making a much wiser financial decision, one that will result in lower overhead, higher profits, and fewer headaches for you as you work to grow your business to where it needs to be. You’re also giving yourself time to learn the ins and outs of owning a business without the headache and worry of massive debt to be paid off before you can even earn a profit.